Pre Treatment Plants

Consultechpre treatment and cleaning products are designed around the latest environmentally friendly water based solutions. We havewide range of seven tank dip system provides a perfect upgrade from any other conventional method, combining superior cleaning with phosphated finish.

We have conveyorised multistage spray pre treatment lines have been introduced for many years. Our fortune of experience combined with the latest chemicals and plant design results in our ability to supply the very best high volume, multistage plants. Our plants will run on Zinc Phosphate, Iron Phosphate providing conversion coatings on Steel, Aluminium or Zinc.

Conveyorised paint booth
Pretreatment Deep System
Spray bake booth
Pretreatment Spray

Dip Pretreatment plants

Pre-treatment plants are offered depending on the production volume and article configuration. Our pretreatment system have special provisions in their design to get the best out of both-spray as well as dip type of pre-treatment system.
The dip pretreatment system have been designed to keep the cost low. The heating system and the oil skimmer help further this objective. Dip type pretreatment plants with hoist are for manual handling. In conveyerised dip pretreatment plants, articles/components are hanged on a conveyor and are dipped into the tanks. In this operation, the articles / components travel through a sorter of tanks, thanks to the programmable conveyor line. Transpoterised dip pretreatment system use transporters for automatic PLC control.

Spray pretreatment

This system for online cleaning of consists of a tunnel mounted on tanks, components piping pump and nozzles etc. The design is based on conveyor speed, article profile & pretreatment timing. The spray tunnel is designed on a completely weldless system. This eliminates chances of leakage. Special arrangements ensure leakless locking between the zones. The tank design also eliminates leakage and all sprayed chemicals fall back into the tanks. The heating system is designed to give the best heat transfer and consume minimum of the tank volume. The oil skimmer is incorporated as a standard part of every system to keep the cost of refilling low by getting the most out of the chemicals.

The spray plants can be provided with additional accessories like

  • Oil removal system.
  • Phosphate on-line sludge removal system.
  • Indirect heating for chemical & chemical dosing system.
  • Fume extraction system.

Various Heating system:

  • Thermic fluid.
  • Hot water.
  • Direct immersion heater.
  • Diesel/gas burners.

Why you should choose Consultech Online Pre-treatment plants

Features & Benefits

  • Concept to commissioning of projects.
  • New generation of surface Pre-treatment system available.
  • Modular design allowing for most types of Pre-treatment Application.
  • Eco energy consumption hence increased profits.
  • Fully automatic conveyorised system or Automatic transporter.
  • Designed and manufactured for severe industrial environment conditions.
  • Lower temperature chemical superior cleaning.
  • Galvanised steel or stainless steel construction available on request.
  • State-of-the-art workmanship.
  • Green design solutions that guarantee your company energy-savings.
  • Designing a safe work environment for your people.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery.
  • Hundreds of installations worldwide.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Complies with current health and safety legislation.


  • Industrial application like Engines, Valves, Pumps, Fan, Motors, Alternators.
  • Automotive, Auto components and automotive Filters.
  • Plastic components and its applications.
  • White goods.
  • Steel furniture.